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Not Your Mother's Mums

Fox Fodder Flowers

Not Your Mother's Mums

Sat Feb 11 2023
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When we hear the word Chrysanthemums, mostly likely what comes to mind is a ginormous depersonalized display in front of a supermarket , , , or plantings along the median of a highway. . .or flowers for an open house for the latest development from the Bluth company that no one has ever lived in and no one should. As tasteful as a tv dinner and as miserable as the holiday cheer of Hallmark, these flowers may offer color for the cold season but, they are just balls. Boring balls.

Heirloom Chrysanthemums

But heirloom Chrysanthemums can offer some of the most individualistic, interesting and utterly stunning flowers that can be found in any season.Whenever I am asked what is going to be the next trend in flowers, I hesitate to answer. Mostly because it is dumb question that has nothing to do with my relationship to flowers.But I don’t answer also because the secret can only be known when it is seen.

Mum is the word.