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No Bother

Fox Fodder Flowers

No Bother

Thu Oct 19 2023

When confronted with a vile vial of last week’s water with a few wilting stems sticking from the vase, one would be within reason simply to fist the flowers into the bin and dump the water down the drain. Really, why bother? But reason is rarely the reason much is worth the bother and a day or two can give a lot.

Home can be filled with bother, and we bother before the bother becomes too bothersome. Or if you are like me, after it really bothers you. Really, it is no big bother.

The irksome is easy to eliminate—a husband's wet workout clothes draped and dripping over the banister, say—and sweeping can be very satisfying (vacuuming vexes me). Yet it is in the swiping away the swampiness, snipping and saving what still has time, where I find the space is made. Flowers in our homes makes the little worlds we make a bit more like we wish the world to be.

Sure, it will be a puddle of petals to be cleaned up the next morning or the following. The bother is no bother at all.