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Fox Fodder Farm is a company that likes alliteration, a lot.

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On Fox Fodder

We had too many chickens so my mother ordered cartons from Murray Mcmurray and a custom rubber stamp from the general store two towns over. She chose the name in reference to the previous spring’s rather violent coup in the coop. That was how Fox Fodder Farm was started.

A good macabre joke should never die so I carried it with me.

After a few years of parading in Paris, I came back stateside and to Brooklyn and painte the name on a folding table and pushed plants potted in Mason jars at the Brooklyn flea.

Hey, it was 2012.

I dabbled in designing gardens for awhile...but eventually flowers took first place.

A corner of my landlord’s garage to start, then a shit-show of a shared studio, a summer retail pop-up, a studio with no one else, an ill-conceived demotion into a basement space literally beneath Canal Street, and finally a clean, sunlit place of our own. 45 South Street Brooklyn. We are here to stay.

So there you have it, or at least parts of it. Fox Fodder Farm was a family story before it was a floral studio.

Fox Fodder Flowers now and it is no less close to home.

Come by the shop. It is lovely in here and filled with flowers. And we have four two finches. And a water feature that has never worked.

x Taylor

45 South 4th Street Brooklyn, NY 11249

P: 845.617.6802